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Ride Safe Mural - Apartment Ridge Underpass 


Allianz PNB Life




Illustration / Mural Painting

Collaboration with Allianz PNB Life in partnership with Ayala Land Inc., MACEA, ACEA, and Makati Business Club.


This mural is part of Allianz PNB Life's Ride Safe, a continuous effort to further promote our mutual advocacy of active transport, inclusive mobility, and sustainability in the country. The mural painting depicts an environment where cyclists & pedestrians can move safely and enjoy the outdoors. It aims to give people a glimpse of what could happen if policymakers veer away from car-centric urbanism.


The mural is located at Apartment Ridge Underpass in Makati, Philippines. 


Photos by Aviegail Landicho

Mural Design: Glendford Lumbao

Mural Team: Glendford Lumbao, Melrose Lumbao, Wyn Ford Lumbao

Design Plan

First Draft

The mural was initially assigned to be painted on a parking lot wall (18x18meters) but one of our co-collaborators, later on, decided to shift gears and move us into a much more challenging location—the apartment ridge underpass


Design Plan

Final Design

I divided the artwork into 3 legs. Leg 1: Discovery Primea x Tuscany Makati side, Leg 2: The Main tunnel, and lastly, Leg 3: 6750 Building x North Drive Carpark. 


Production Phase

Mural Painting

I started at the main tunnel. The proximity of the floor and ceiling made it extra challenging to sketch the artwork but I manage to build the assets slowly. It was a trial-and-error process, simultaneously sketching and coloring the main background at the same time. The background colors helped me adjust the sketch as it slowly build the silhouette of the characters.


Unveiling Event

Move: The Mural Unveiling at the Apartment Ridge

Joining the mural unveiling was Makati Mayor Abby Binay, MBC Chair Ed Chua, Allianz CEO Alexander Grenz, German Embassy Manila Economic Counsellor David Klebs, German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. President Stefan Schmitz and Executive Director Christopher Zimmer, MBC Foreign Programs Officer Trisha Teope, Allianz Brand Ambassadors Alyssa Valdez and EJ Obiena, Sustainable Transportation Officers Chris Britanico and Earl Decena.